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With over one hundred and twenty-five years of legal experience, Murphy Law Group excels in handling complex litigation, advising new and existing entities, and conducting robust internal investigations. Stemming from the founder’s extensive trial experience with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office, we specialize in taking your business disputes to trial. With this extensive experience also comes the ability to advise and guide new and existing businesses through the entire range of corporate challenges, from partnership disputes to dishonest employees, from organizing your new business to dissolution, whether amicable or hostile.

Our attorneys have experiences ranging from securities and government work, judicial clerkships with the Circuit Court of Cook County, in-house general counsel, extensive criminal trial prosecution and defense, and real business experience. We engage the entire range of our experience to represent our clients’ interests.

Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation, or use the contact form below to inquire whether our services are right for you. Murphy Law Group looks forward to working with you, whether you are an entrepreneur starting a new business or an established business. We will strive to be your strongest advocate.

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